In 1989, the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India entrusted a study entitled Concurrent Evaluation of Land Reforms in India to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. The main component of the exercise was to do a concurrent evaluation of land reforms on the basis of data and reports provided by the Officer Trainees during their district training period. Later the Village Study Unit was set up in the Academy under the same Ministry to provide appraisal of the Poverty Alleviation Programmes based on the reports submitted by IAS Probationers during their Foundational Course and District Training. It was the merger of the Village Study Unit (VSU) and the Land Reforms Unit (LRU) in the year 1998 that the Centre for Rural Studies (CRS) was created. Centre is responsible for the concurrent evaluation of land reform policies implemented by the States on the basis of inputs provided by the officer trainees undergoing district training program. In addition, the task of concurrent evaluation of poverty alleviation schemes was also entrusted to the Centre.

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