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The Centre has been entrusted by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India to act as a think tank to suggest changes in policy measures and improvements in the delivery mechanism, to act in the capacity of an advisor to the different state governments on issues relating to land reforms and rural developments. The CRS has also been engaged in promoting peoples initiative through mass organisations and NGOs for effective implementation of land reforms and rural development programmes. The Centre also commissioned studies to administrators/academics of repute, in order to enlightened the understandings of critical issues of its concerned. Of late a study of rights of women in land and Operationalising 73rd amendment act have been added to the Centre's agenda. State reports are prepared on the basis of socio-economic and Land reforms reports submitted by IAS probationers and policy suggestions are furnished to MORD for enhancing the prudentialities of various government schemes aimed at eradication of poverty and rural development in general.

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