The DigiTAG Arena is a demonstrated proof of India’s growing leadership in digital governance technologies. DigiTAG Arena is a national platform of connected landscape of innovation hives, harnessing the power of co-ownership, co-creation, co-ideation and collaboration. The Arena will be the engine driving a knowledge society and economy. As learning spaces the Arena will help exchange knowledge and capacity amongst all rungs of government and functionaries, agnostic of geography, organization or sector. The Arena will be the single source of truth in respect of digitally enabled and managed public welfare in India.


Governance, and measurement of impact of policies and programs

Integration & Innovation

Integration, and innovation in new and emerging technologies for effective and efficient public administration


Simulation environment for evaluating potential policy / program interventions in real-life field situations (a policy and technology sandbox)


A hub servicing a large number of collaborator DigiTAG Nodes (located in state ATIs etc.)

Future Ready

Development of future-ready professional and responsive leaders, equipping them with knowledge of appropriate technologies as required by practitioners